Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) The Johnstown Police Department's Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) is made up of highly-trained, SWAT-certified officers from the Johnstown Police Department and Officers of the newly formed Cambria County S.E.R.T. Team

The SERT is responsible for handling situations involving hostages, armed and barricaded suspects, suicidal subjects, as well as serving high risk warrants. The team also provides protection to visiting dignitaries and provides assistance to other units and agencies in serving high-risk search warrants.

Membership in the SERT is physically demanding. Members conduct physical training continuously and are required to pass a strenuous physical agility test on a routine basis.. Members are carefully selected and those wishing to apply to the SERT must meet minimum requirements. Candidates must be employed by a police department in Cambria County.

Special Emergency Response Team (SERT)

The SERT Team utilizes a variety of high-tech weapons and chemical munitions. This highly trained and professional group is certified and recognized by the National Tactical Officers Association.

The SERT consists of several different squads/teams: