Records Bureau

The records bureau is responsible for maintaining records, reading and classifying reports for UCR stats, answering phones, taking messages for officers and preparing case files. They work with the public when it comes to giving out accidents reports information, maintaining  computer generated reports, monitoring holding facilities. They enter all Traffic and Non Traffic citations into the computer system along with all Criminal Arrest; along with this they make sure all-important information is current in the system.

Commonwealth accident report copies can be requested through our records bureau for a fee of $15.
Police reports can be obtained by contacting the City Managers Office at 814-533-2001.

If needed to be contacted, please call us at 814 533-2074, Fax number 814-535-6842. For directions to J.P.D. go to the Direction & Maps Link under the Info page.

Our Records Clerks DO NOT dispatch police officers. If you are calling to report a non-emergency incident or need a police officer to respond to a non-emergency. Call the Cambria Co. 911 non emergency number 1-800-281-1680 (outside Cambria County 814-472-2100). If You have an Emergency call 911.